terms and conditions

Luxury Exclusive Club terms & conditions- restaurant benefits

  • The Luxury Exclusive Club membership card is personalized and it is not transferable; the member has to be present to redeem the benefit
  • The discounts are applicable only upon presenting a valid membership card; the discount will not apply at a later date then the time of usage, if failing to present a valid card;
  • One membership card can be used per table or party, even if among the guests there are present more Luxury Exclusive Club members;
  • The restaurant discounts are applicable for up to 20 people, unless there aren’t any other additional obervations
  • The discounts do not apply on special packages (Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc), unless mentioned otherwise

Luxury Exclusive Club terms & conditions – accommodation benefits

  • All the bookings must be done through Luxury Exclusive Club
  • The e-vouchers issued can only be used during the same validity period as the membership card; 
  • The e-vouchers will be issued upon usage directly to the required hotel unit;
  • The room reservations on e-voucher can be cancelled one day before the check-in date until 16.00, without any penalty; If the cancelation is done afterwards the requested e-voucher will be considered used;
  • The benefits for accommodation (e-vouchers & discounts) depend upon the availability of rooms and as well of rates;
  • The Luxury Exclusive membership card is not transferable;
  • The Luxury Exclusive Club discounts are not applicable after the usage of the accommodation facilities;
  • For reservations please contact us on +40 31 403 2600 between 9.30- 18.00, Monday to Friday.

Luxury Exclsuive Club terms & conditions – accommodation benefits abroad

  • All the requests for accommodation abroad will be done through the Luxury Exclusive Club ;
  • The validity of the offers, the cancelation policies and any other special conditions will be supplied depending on the selected destination;

Luxury Exclusive Club terms & conditions

  • The discounts for accommodation and dinning are not valid during special events (Christmas, New Year’s Eve etc), unless mentioned;
  • Two weeks after paying the membership fee, the membership can not be canceled;
  • The Luxury Exclusive Club benefits can be used until the expiry date shown on the phisical plastic card issued;
  • The discounts assured through e-vouchers or through the membership card can not be combined with any other promotion or special offer at our partners
  • Luxury Exclusive reserves the right to modify any details without prior notice
  • Luxury Exclusive does not tolerate rude behavior of our clients in the partner restaurants and hotels (strong language, verbal/physical assaults brought to employees, disruption of other clients) and has the right to cancel unilaterally this contract at any point of time, with a 30 days notice period, without any compensation, penalties or other costs.


Annual Membership fee for 12 months validity from the payment date:

  • Gold Membership: - 1350 Ron, Benefits:
    • up to 20% discounts on the total bill in the partner restaurants;
    • up to 20% off the best online offers on accomodation, in Romania or abroad
    • exclusive member only offers for holidays 
  • Platinum Membership: 2190 Ron, Gold  Benefits + extra :
    • 1 free weekend night voucher for a standard room in Bucharest at one of our 4 and 5 star hotel partners; 
    • 2 vouchers for 1 paid get one free night at one of our partner hotels in Romania, outside of Bucharest; usable for a standard room v
  • Black Membership: 8750 Ron, Platinum Benefits + extra:
    • 1 free  weekend night voucher for a standard room in Bucharest ( in total 2 nights) 
    • 2 free nights anytime of the week in Bucharest at one of our 4 and 5 stars partner hotelsfor a standard room 
    • 5 free night vouchers for a stanadr room at one of our partner hotels in Romania, outside of Bucharest 
    • personalized service for restaurant, rooms and holiday reservations through your personal consultant

General Conditions of reservation and purchase services

  • Any reservation made on the Site you will be deemed an offer to purchase a particular product or service from the Supplier tourism. If your offer is accepted you will receive an email confirmation from Luxury Exclusive Club and will come into force contract with the Client
  • All tourist services published on the Site are subject to availability. Supplier's terms and conditions (including passenger transport rules imposed by airlines) will apply to additional Terms and Conditions of this site.
  • Providers Terms may include provisions relating to payment procedures, liability, cancellations, changes of bookings and refunds of money (if any) or other restrictions. Some airlines may impose additional charges. Exclusive Luxury Club is not responsible for costs which may occur in any transfers between airport / terminal to another. Some hotels may charge additional local taxes.
  • When browsing your site, you will see references to different conditions on special offers. Please read these Terms please contact the Luxury Exclusive Club for complete details.


  • We do not accept other payment methods than the standard and we assume no responsibility for cash sent through the post.
  • Depending on the terms and conditions imposed by hotels at time of booking you can request full or partial payment for hotel bookings and payment will be made in account Exclusive Luxury Club, the hotel or its representative.In some cases, your credit card details can be transferred to the Supplier. Supplier will take payment for bookings Payments for hotels are made in accordance with the paragraph above.
  • Luxury Exclusive Club or provider does not assume any obligation to issue tickets, voucher or other travel documents in case of non full services ordered. In any case, you are responsible for paying amounts of travel products and services ordered.
  • Luxury Exclusive Club or Provider reserves the right to charge any additional fees (or commissions) that may occur in bookings. In this case you will be informed about applicable fees. We reserve the right to transfer costs to card charge backs.Cancellations / Changes

Cancellation or modifications

  • service will be reserved or purchased depending on the terms and conditions of each provider.
  • If you wish to cancel or change a reservation or service purchased, it is your responsibility to inform in writing or by phone about your intentions Luxury Exclusive Club
  • In some cases, you may be unable to cancel / amend certain holidays or will have to respect certain requirements for these actions.
    Luxury Exclusive Club or provider accepts all forms of written requests. Luxury Exclusive Club or provider can not cancel / modify travel service prior to receiving your application farm. You may cancel your booking through the Site in accordance with the terms and conditions of Supplier.
  • In the event of changes to your booking (including, without limitation, cancellations, refunds, change of name), Luxury Exclusive Club reserves the right to apply charges to cover administrative costs that may result from this action. These charges do not include fees charged directly by the Supplier.